The Community Engagement Core uses infographics as one way to translate and disseminate research. An infographic is a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge, relying on images and graphics to convey the main messages, rather than words.There are several free software packages that can help design infographics, and freely available icons that are appropriate for infographics.


This page highlights our current infographics. All infographics can be downloaded as a PDF and used with appropriate attribution.

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Wildfire smoke and your baby: Reducing exposure during and after pregnancy
West Eugene, Oregon Cancer Analysis
El humo de los incendios forestales y su bebé: Reducir la exposición durante y después del embarazo
Infograph of Reducing Exposure to Common Pollutants
Infograph of Environmental Exposures
Infograph of PAHs
Infograph of Reducing exposure to flame retardants
Ifograph of Reducing Exposure to PAHs
Infograph of Reducing Exposure to Air Pollution
Infograph of Passive Wristband Sampler
Infograph Hidrocarburos aromáticos policíclicos
Infograph of
Infograph of Reducing Exposure to PAHs in Spanish
Infograph of PAHs
Infograph of VOC
Infograph of Chemical Hazards

Integration with other tools/research

  • The OSU Superfund Center studies polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. An infographic was developed to compliment our video, All About PAHs.
  • An infographic was developed to introduce the passive sampling wristband, which was recently used in a project with the Community Engagement Core.

Research Overview

Infographics are developed with stakeholders, to include community partners, government and regulatory agencies, and scientists.


Infographics are designed to distill research concepts down into 3 main messages, using graphics to convey the information. Infographics are developed for a general audience, with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness and increasing knowledge.


A concept is first developed with the three main messages, a color scheme and potential graphics that support the messaging.

The infographic is designed following the guidelines of the CDC Clear Communication Index, and evaluated by stakeholders.

Our infographics have been:
  • Used by community members living near Superfund sites.
  • Developed in coordination with regulatory agencies.
  • Used in academic presentations.
  • Provided as supplementary material in individual reports and study materials.