Klamath County, Oregon has, unfortunately, high levels of adverse infant health outcomes such as preterm birth and low birthweight, and also experience heavy and long periods of wildfire smoke each year. Concerned that wildfire smoke exposure may be contributing to infant health, Klamath County reached out to the Community Engagement Core in 2021. The CEC and Translational Research Support Core (TRSC) built a team of researchers, public health officials and community members who collaboratively developed a research study to investigate these concerns. The team was successful in obtaining pilot project funding for their study, Wildfire Exposure and Infant Health. As part of the study, we co-developed an infographic in English and Spanish to aid expectant parents in ways to reduce exposure to wildfire smoke.  

  • The team's development notes and process are available here.
  • The pilot project video is available here.
  • The Wildfire Exposure and Infant Health study website is archived here.
  • The study update is available in this pdf.
  • The infographics that were produced are available in English and Spanish.