Biological Pollutants and Allergens

(pet dander, cockroaches, dust mites, mold and pollen)

Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Products

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

(ETS or ‘second hand smoke')

General Indoor Air Quality Resources


  • Oregon Public Health - Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
    Provides information on how to prevent lead exposure in the home and at work. The program is working to prevent and reduce lead-based paint exposures by overseeing certification and training of professionals working with lead-based paint and enforcing lead-based paint regulations.


Outdoor Air

(which influences your indoor air)

  • Oregon DEQ Air Quality Index
    This online resource provides current information about the outdoor air quality around Oregon based on measured concentrations of the 6 pollutants regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. See the Oregon DEQ Air Quality Index Basics for more information on understanding the Air Quality Index.
  • AirNow Fire and Smoke map.
    The AirNow Fire and Smoke Map provides information that you can use to help protect your health from wildfire smoke.


Volatile Organic Compounds