The Superfund Research Program and Environmental Health Sciences Center collaborated with the EPA and London School in Cottage Grove, OR to create this educational video. Learn more about the Mercury, My Community, and Me project. 

Dr. Joe Beckman and his collegues have shown that a copper compound, called CuATSM, delayed the onset of symptoms and extended lifespan of patients with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. He was interviewed by KEZI news.

Read more on the Linus Pauling Institute blog. When Copper Meets SOD: An ALS Story

Dr. Arup Indra presented at the Corvallis Science Pub on March 10, 2014 on The Science of Skin. 

Learn more about his research from our feature story.





Dr. Kim Anderson shares "What is a passive wristband sampler?"

Behind the Scenes: Analyzing the passive wristband sampler in the Anderson Laboratory
Dr. Molly Kile studies health effects of arsenic exposure in contaminated water.

Dr. Staci Simonich presented about her research at a Science Pub in Corvallis: "What Goes Around Comes Around"

Dr. Kim Anderson shares about her research at the Gulf of Mexico before and after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.
Dr. Kim Anderson shared "Contaminants in the Environment: How can I be exposed?" which was designed for communities living near the Gulf Oil Spill.Also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.  
"The Robot's Edge: Custom automation helps scientists screen environmental chemicals" shares about the robots used at the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory. Dr. Robyn Tanguay is the Director.