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Through a partnership with the OSU U-Engage program, a new course has been added, taught by Dr. Rohlman (College of Public Health and Human Sciences). Called "Closing the Gap - When Science Meets the Media" the course was designed to investigate the growing gap between what science demonstrates and what the public believes. Twice a week students met and discussed a variety of topics, including how to search for accurate scientific news, read scientific articles, recognize and avoid jargon, and develop both written and oral communication styles. 

The course combined in-class discussions, written assignments and videos to address the gap between scientists and the public. For more information about the resources used, please contact Dr. Diana Rohlman

The course explored several discrete questions such as:

  • What is science communication?
  • Why do we need science communicators?
  • What responsibilities do science communicators have to the scientists and the public?

Throughout the course, students chose a scientific topic of interest and explored common knowledge regarding the topic, researched several scientific articles on the topic, and prepared a final blog post about the topic summarizing what they had learned. With permission, some of those blog posts are included here. Use the links below to explore the various topics.

| Genetically-modified organisms | Artificial Intelligence | Antibiotic Resistance | Genetic Engineering | Climate Change | Vaccines