Craig Marcus, PhD

The Environmental Health Sciences Center supports faculty members with strong interests in environmental hgealth science reserarch and outreach.  The Career Development Core helps faculty develop strong programs and build effective networks to become leaders in the environmental health field.  The core will enable and energize new faculty to coalesce into teams that will develop novel approaches to address the strategic goals of NIEHS.

The Core has a network of Center members and other experts across the OSU campus to serve as mentors and potential collaborators.  Our professional networks also include other Environmental Health Sciences Centers and NIEHS funded groups.

Research efforts of new investigators can be supported by the Career Development Core.  There are also pilot project opportunities.


Career Development Leadership

Dr. Craig Marcus, Professor and Head of the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology.


Graduate and Postdoctoral Training Program Overview

EHSC faculty, staff, and core units assist in the recruitment and training of promising individuals to levels in toxicology and environmental health that can effectively meet the growing global challenge.

The Training Programs, with their hands-on interdisciplinary research opportunities and complementary academics, are integral to providing vital graduate and postdoctoral training at OSU.

Former graduates hold professional positions in government, academia, and industry.

NIEHS Training Grant in Toxicology

 Oregon State University (OSU) offers interdisciplinary training in toxicology through its predoctoral degree program in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology and through postdoctoral fellowships. The NIEHS Training Grant offers financial support and provides unique research opportunities to selected predoctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows. Support is available on a competitive basis to applicants with a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, or the biological sciences.

A limited number of graduate fellowships are also available through the Linus Pauling Institute.


Robyn Tanguay, Professor
Director of the NIEHS Toxicology Training Grant
Phone: 541-737-6514
Fax: 541-737-7966
[email protected]


  • NCRR Training Grant – Veterinary Training in Aquatic Animal Models in Toxicology (coming soon)
  • Postdoc Training Opportunites Flyer (coming soon)
  • High school and undergraduate research opportunities and past projects (coming soon)

Highlights of Current and Past Trainees (coming soon)

Training Grant Faculty

Affiliated faculty members provide challenging basic sciences academics while mentoring students as they develop individual projects; this intensive course of studies leads to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in toxicology. Training is provided in diverse areas including analytical, aquatic, biochemical, comparative, environmental and molecular toxicology with an emphasis on a mechanistic approach. Research projects focus on some aspect of toxicology or environmental health.

  • Kim Anderson, OSU
  • Erin  Baker, PNNL
  • Joe Beckman, OSU
  • Allison Fryer, OHSU
  • Julie Greenwood, OSU
  • Emily Ho, OSU
  • Arup Indra, OSU
  • Nancy Kerkvliet, OSU
  • Molly Kile, OSU
  • Laurel Kincl, OSU
  • Siva Kolluri, OSU
  • Stephen R. Lloyd, OHSU
  • Amanda McCollough, OHSU
  • Jacob Raber, OHSU
  • Tom Sharpton, OSU
  • Staci Simonich, OSU
  • Bill Stubblefield, OSU
  • Robyn Tanguay, OSU
  • Justin Teeguarden, PNNL
  • Matt Thayer, OHSU
  • Brian Thrall, PNNL
  • Susan Tilton, OSU 
  • Maret Traber, OSU
  • Mitch Turker, OHSU
  • Katrina Waters, PNNL
  • David Williams, OSU
  • Aaron Wright, PNNL