Multidimensional In Vivo Hazard Assessment Using Zebrafish

Lisa Truong
David M. Reif
Lindsey St Mary
Mitra C. Geier
Hao D. Truong
Robert L. Tanguay

Editor’s Highlight:

The Tanguay group uses the embryonic zebrafish model to demonstrate the utility of high throughput screening for toxicology studies. The group evaluated the 1060 US EPA ToxCast Phase 1 and 2 compounds on 18 distinct outcomes. With four doses for each compound the group generated a dizzying number of data points highlighting the importance of bioinformatics analysis in these types of studies. The study shows how it is now possible to screen many of the tens of thousands of untested chemicals using a whole animal model in which one can literally see developmental malformations. —Gary W. Miller

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 Recently, Dr. Tanguay also spoke to an eighth grade class in Massachusetts about his work with zebrafish. Read more about it here