The Environmental Health Science Center (EHSC) attended the 2015 Sustainability Fair and Town Hall to present current research on indoor air quaility. We highlighed Dr. Molly Kile's research on gas stoves and asthma incidence, and presented information about mold and mildew prevention

EHSC supports research and community engagement to help understand what people are exposed to, and what hazards those exposures may pose to their health. To understand what communities are interested in learning about, we had community members vote on different environmental issues. 18 people voted on topics ranging from indoor air quaility to arsenic. The most votes were for climate change and human health, followed by mold and mildew.

Do you have any environmental health questions you would like to ask? We are using our #IamEH campaign to highlight the types of questions comunity members have about environmental health. We asked community members at the fair what their questions were. You can see these on our EHSC social media networks through Facebook and Twitter. Visit us on Twitter (OSU_EHSC) or Facebook and post a picture of yourself with your question with the hashtag #IamEH. 

For the first time, the Sustainability Fair featured a children's activity room. EHSC trainee Holly Dixon taught children about the toxicity of various household chemicals. Attendees learned about chemicals and molecules with our Becker bottle demonstration and magnetic water molecules. 

beaker with votes EHSC fair children's table
18 people voted on topics in environment health that they wanted to know the most about. Image Source: EHSC  EHSC trainee Holly Dixon teaching children about the toxicity of various household chemicals. Image Source: EHSC