EHSC laboratories have a strong history of supporting high school and undergraduate research, as evidenced by the diverse projects undertaken by students. Students in our labs have been highly successful at obtaining funding for their projects, and their work has been recognized in the multiple awards and scholarships they have received during their tenure at Oregon State University. 
"...this experience has been a whirlwind of activities ranging from new and exciting research to exploring a new city and traveling...personal attention from my mentors..."
-Michael Rankin (Kolluri Laboratory), Junior from University of Wisconsin
"Research pushed me to critically think and apply what I learned in classes to a real-life problem... As a student you take a wide variety of classes, and research helped connect the dots and show how science can work as a cohesive whole."
-Joey Pryor (Harper Laboratory), Senior at Oregon State University


Joey Pryor is a senior undergraduate researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Stacey Harper. Joey has successfully applied for and received over $33,000 in undergraduate scholarships and grants to fund his research, and just recently published his findings in the International Journal of Medicine. In addition, Joey received an honorable mention as the OSU Researcher of the Year. Recently, Joey sat down with COEC to talk about his research and his experience going through the process of writing and publishing his results. Read more...

Many opportunities are available for high school and undergraduate students to work in EHSC laboratories. Below are some programs providing funding and additional opportunities for students.
Our students are actively involved in all aspects of research, including attending conferences and writing publications.





High School Student Research Programs

Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (ASE)
Summer Experiences in Science and Engineering for Youth (SESEY)

Undergraduate Student Research Programs

At Oregon State University:

URSA-Engage (for first and second year or transfer students in their first year). 

At University of Washington:

Undergraduate Summer Research Program - Environmental Health Research Experience Program (EHREP)

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Summer Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education - Summer ORISE Fellowship opportunity

Current High School Research Projects - 2013-2014

Lewis Shotton – Harper Laboratory (ASE)
Crescent Valley High School, Junior
The effect of cationic surfactants on nanoparticle toxicity

Current Undergraduate Research Projects - 2013-2014

Hannah Bulovsky - Harper Laboratory (URISC)
The Impact of Stabilizing Compounds on the Particle Stability, Reactivity and Toxicity of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles for Groundwater Remediation 
Amy Jahr - Harper Laboratory (URISC)  
Detection of Fluorescently Labeled Lipoprotein and Determination of Protein Corona Composition on Iron Nanoparticles.
Joseph Pryor - Harper Laboratory (University Honors College Excellence Fund)
Comparative toxicological assessment of PAMAM and thiophosphoryl dendrimers using embryonic zebrafish

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