Fun Facts

  • SARL is a world famous building.
  • We are the largest zebrafish toxicology lab in the WORLD!!!
  • We invented new robots to help us work faster.
  • We are discovering new ways to make sure our water and food are safe.

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Why are zebrafish used in research?

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Zebrafish Embryo Development

Zebrafish in a Flask

Recent Events


6th Graders Get Hands-on Experience on Fish Care and Behavior

The Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory (SARL) recently worked with Mr. Sean Bedell’s sixth grade class at the Eddyville Charter School. This multi-stage science project involved researching a relevant scientific question and finding a way to test this question in the classroom.  The class visited Dr. David Noakes and Dr. Nathan Putman at the Oregon Hatchery Research Center and learned about the effects of magnetism on schooling behavior and migration in Salmon.  Using this information, the students developed experiments that could be done in the classroom with Zebrafish to determine if changing a magnetic field could impact how the fish behaved. 

Students worked in teams to develop a hypothesis and a method for testing it.  This included designing and assembling their experimental enclosures.  Mr. Bedell stressed the importance of learning each step of the scientific process.  Students had to record their observations and use graphing programs to display their data.  In addition to the experiment, students also learned about husbandry methods and optimal living conditions for Zebrafish, and were responsible for water quality testing, feeding, and cleaning tanks as needed. 

After the experiments were complete Dr. Noakes, Dr. Putman, and SARL Zebrafish specialist Carrie Barton went to the Eddyville School to watch and critique presentations of data given by the student research teams.  Mr. Bedell was able to do this project with funding from the Oregon Coast Regional STEM Education Center.

5th Graders Experience All Aspects of Zebrafish Research

A field trip for local 5th graders from Hoover Elementary was held at SARL on May 11, 2012. The SARL personnel wanted the students to learn how fun science can be, specifically they learned all the great things about the zebrafish and how they are used to do scientific research.

The students were divided into five groups, with five people in each. There were five stations:

1) Tour of the Land of Zebrafish / Zebrafish Life Stage: Learn about how small the fish are and how rapid they develop.

2) Glow in the Dark Zebrafish: Learn about the different tools used in research.

3) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Sort out dead and alive embryo, and determine the age of zebrafish.

4) Toxicity Screening: Learn how to get embryos into wells, view plates under the microscope, and identify normal and not normal fish.

5) Fish Are Like Us: Identify similarities between fish and humans.