2020 Awardees

Four pilot projects were funded during the 2020 Pilot Project Program cycle.

  • Perry Hystad Assoc Prof at OSU: Personal PAH and Chemical Mixture Exposure Measurements Using Silicone Wristbands: Application to the Global PURE-AIR study; Measure exposure to chemical mixtures among participants in the PURE-AIR cohort, n existing longitudinal cohort assessing the cardiovascular health effects of air pollution.
  • Huaping Liu Professor at OSU: Systems level understanding of health effects of high-band radiofrequency radiations (RFRs); Design new experimental conditions that can examine the health effects of high band radiofrequency radiation that are emitted by 5G technology.
  • Diana Rohlman Assist Prof Senior Research at OSU: West Eugene Air Toxics Exposure Study; Community-based project in collaboration with Beyond Toxics to measure air toxic exposures in a predominantly low income, Hispanic community that is located in close proximity to many industrial air pollution sources.
  • Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg Professor at UO: Missing links in characterization of viral aerosols and indoor transmission risks; Characterize viral aerosol indoor transmission risks as a timely response to improve understanding of ventilation and other built environmental factors to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in the indoor environment.