Q: What is the maximum award that I can apply for:
A: Pilot budgets can be up to $30,000 (maximum amount). But, if your project is using Core services in the PNW Center for Translational Environmental Health Research (PNW CTEHR)  then you can increase the budget by up to $10K, if these additional funds are dedicated to core service expenses. Thus, it is possible to apply for a maximum of $40,000 if your application is using Core services. Itemized service estimate(s) from that Core need to be provided in the application.

Q: What are the PNW CTEHR Core Services and how do I add them to my application?
A: Use the links below to learn more about Core services. Contact the lead of the Core you are interested in accessing/using several weeks before you plan to submit your proposal. Agree on services that will be provided and a budget and add them to your proposal.  Upload the letter(s) from that Core on the application portal (Judgify).

Q: Am I required to use PNW CTEHR Core Services on my proposal? 
A: No. You do not need to use a Core service if it does not align with your proposed research. However, this center is funded by a NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Core Center Grant (P30) which funds institutional infrastructure within these Cores with the goal of supporting environmental health researchers. Thus, using the Core services will allow you to get priority access to these facilities and discounted services. This makes it much more economical to do research that involves these facilities, and this is an element that is viewed favorably during the review process.

Q: Do these grants support graduate research students?
A: These grants are not intended to pay for tuition or student fees which are bundled into GRA contracts at OSU.  Thus, we discourage including GRAs unless your project can include themm as an hourly paid employee and they are providing services that are necessary for the proposed project.

Q: How do I manage F&A (indirect costs)  managed on my budget?
A: It is not necessary to list F&A (indirect costs) on the budget. We will make our awards in two ways:

  1. For PI’s at OSU: The OSU PI will be given an OSU/EHSC pilot projects index (with an activity code for their project) which captures their direct costs expenses.
  2. For PI’s at non-OSU institutions: The non-OSU PI will be required to enter into a sub-award agreement between institutions. This agreement will not cover other institutions’ F&A expenses. Therefore, the non-OSU PI must request an F&A waiver from their institution and this should be stated in the budget. On the OSU side, sub-award agreements are charged F&A (this is per the terms of the NIEHS grant), and OSU will charge that F&A on the first $25K of each sub-award agreement. Expenses charged to sub-awards above $25K will not be assessed OSU F&A.

Q: Who do I contact with budgeting and other financial questions?
A: Contact Lisa Shepard, the Center’s business manager ([email protected])

Q: Who do I contact with general questions?
A: Contact Molly Kile ([email protected])