Project Title: Adapting a Problem-based Water Quality Curriculum Course for Community Colleges


Summary: To support building informed citizenry, this project will enable community colleges to create a water quality course using the Hydroville Water Quality (WQ) curriculum as a model. This curriculum allows students to experience the nature of real-world science by solving a community drinking water problem based on a real -life occurrence. The WQ curriculum has been successfully used in high schools and has great potential to increase its range and impact through the project partnership with community colleges.

This project offers community college students the opportunity to:

  • Be engaged in active learning, inquiry, problem solving, and teamwork through curriculum based on a real-life water quality community issue
  • Be exposed to career options related to water science by taking on the role of experts to solve the problem
  • Be scientifically literate to make informed decisions related to water issues

Funding: Institute for Water and Watersheds (2008-2009)
PI: Naomi Hirsch

Supporting Materials