Measuring exposure to environmental chemicals requires novel technologies. The BRIDGES Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core offers several passive sampling devices designed to measure over 1,400 volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. 

Passive Sampling Technology | Wristband Sampler | Air Sampler | Data Analysis


Passive Sampling Technology 

Passive sampling devices are designed to mimic biological membranes, absorbing volatile and semi-volatile chemicals (SVOCs).

Passive wristband samplers

The passive wristband samplers can detect pesticides, flame retardants, nicotine, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The wristbands are available in five colors, with new colors coming soon.


Watch Dr. Kim Anderson describe how the passive wristband samplers can be used. 

Passive air samplers

 Passive air samplers are currently being used in a collaborative study with the University of Cincinnati Environmental Health Sciences Center to study the effect of unconventional natural gas drilling (UNGD) on air quality in rural Appalachia, OH.

Data Analysis

After a study, the passive sampling devices return to the BRIDGES Integrated Health Sciences Facility Center, where they are logged in and assigned a study identifier number. Learn more about how the passive sampling wristbands are analyzed for over 1,400 chemicals in this behind-the-scenes video.