Schedule a field trip to OSU
Interested in touring OSU labs or participating in hands-on activities?
Contact Precollege Programs for information about setting up a tour. EHSC and our partners have many different activities for 3-12 grade students, to include toxicology, immunology, chemistry and biology-based activities. Lab tours can also be arranged.

Examples of field trip activities with the Environmental Health Sciences Center
  • Your environment, your health #1 - We are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis: cleaning the kitchen, spraying pesticides, washing the car, cleaning clothes. Come learn how scientists test the toxicities of these chemicals in a hands-on lab activity, and learn how to improve your health at home! (For Grades: 6-12)

  • Your environment, your health #2 - The study of chemicals is called toxicology. Come learn more about toxicology, and how to better understand how to safely use household chemicals. (For Grades: 6-8)

  • Pesticide spills - the bigger impact - What happens when there is a spill? How do scientists find out if the spill has polluted the ground, air or water? Learn about how scientists answer these questions and participate in a mock pesticide spill scenario. (For Grades: 8-12 grade students. Can be amended for AP Chemistry)

  • Detecting 'invisible' chemicals -  Come find out how scientists can identify chemicals by breaking them down into atoms in this fun (and delicious) activity! Warning: uses M&Ms and peanuts. (For Grades: 4-6)