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Field Trip 01

Sixteen students from the Oregon Connections Academy, an online charter school, visited Oregon State University on December 10, 2015. They attended a class taught by the OSU EHSC Community Outreach and Engagement Core, to learn about DNA and how scientists can extract DNA. Learn more about the event here.

Image courtesy Anthony Rimel, Corvallis Gazette-Times 

Students taking the "Environmental Health Issues, Conundrums, and Proposed Solutions" class at Willamette University toured the laboratories of EHSC investigators Dr. Tanguay and Dr. Kim Anderson. Learn more here 


 Majestic theater science night

Majestic daVinci Days. Celebrating the life of Leonardo daVinci, daVinci Days is a collection of science, art and engineering. Running July 15 - 18, daVinci Days features the Grand Kinetic Challenge and several science nights. Dr. Stacey Harper and Dr. Kim Anderson, EHSC investigators, were invited to present their research on opening night. Each talk also featured a hands-on question-and-answer session. Read more...

5th Annual EMT Research Day 

January 10, 2014


COEC presentation (Community-based EHSC Pilot Projects: Utilizing interdisciplinary approaches and community involvement to address environmental health concerns)

Using an interdisciplinary approach to address community environmental health concerns

Incorporating community input and feedback into research proposals and study design

Highlighting the benefits of community engagement




Air Quality: Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Drilling

Highlighting the research of:


University of Cincinnati Community Outreach and Engagement Core

Oregon State University Community Outreach and Engagement Core

Dr. Kim Anderson



EHSC Investigators Tackle Cancer


Highlighting the research of

Dr. Emily Ho

Dr. Siva Kolluri

Dr. Arup Indra


Image courtesy of Daniel Coleman, PhD candidate in the Indra lab.