Below are some of our favorite activities that we have developed within EHSC. Note that some have training slides with them. These activities are designed for high school students, but can be adapted.

High School Activities | Middle School Activities

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High school activities

These can be adapted for younger grade levels

Investigation of an Outbreak PDF | Word

What Makes a Product Hazardous? PDF | Word

Mold Control

  • Activity 1 Student Section¬†PDF | Word
  • Activity 1 Teacher Section PDF | Word
  • Powerpoint training slides PPT
  • Activity 2 Student Section PDF | Word
  • Activity 2 Teacher Section PDF | Word

What Should I Use to Clean My Shower?John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic PDF | Word

  • Student Section PDF | Word
  • Teacher Section PDF | Word
  • Powerpoint training slides PPT

To download other activities related to the Hydroville Curriculum Project,
go to the HCP Site


Middle School activities

What Killed Yanni the Yeast? A Crime Scene Investigation

  • Student Section PDF | Word
  • Student Graph Paper PDF
  • Teacher Section PPT| PDF
  • Crime Scene Investigation slides PPT

A Chemical Conundrum: Seeing Invisible Chemicals

Part One: Mass versus Weight
Part Two: Using a Mock Mass Spectrometer