Welcome to OSU's Environmental Health Sciences Center.  The overarching goal of our center is to quantify exposure to the myriad of chemicals present in the environment and to determine what hazards such exposures pose to human health.  The Center has invented and developed new tools and approaches to address environmental health concerns. Our Center will capitalize on the strengths of zebrafish as a translational model organism to define adverse outcome pathways from complex chemical exposures. We are developing approaches for assessing human exposure to thousands of chemicals that enables fast responses to environmental stressors and disasters. A key part of our work is our science communication and mutual understanding with individuals, communities, and policy makers regarding hazards and risk identified by our Center. Our community partners drive the development of our approach to environmental health science. It is my hope that our technologies and expertise will help commuties to become more resilient as they address their environmental health concerns.
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Emily Ho, PhD
Interim Director, Pacific Northwest Center for Translational Environmental Health Research
Linus Pauling Institute Endowed Chair and Director
Professor, School of Biological & Population Health Sciences
College of Public Health & Human Sciences