This project was initiated by Klamath County Public Health (KCPH) in response to concerns about ongoing and unexplained high rates of infant mortality, preterm birth, and low birthweight, alongside years of heavy wildfire smoke impact. In response, the Pacific Northwest Center for Translational Environmental Health Research received funding from the Pilot Projects core to build an interdisciplinary team to develop a study to address these concerns.

Specific Aim 1:

Build a collaborative, interdisciplinary team to co-create a research plan looking at the impacts of wildfire smoke on maternal/child health in Klamath County. 

Specific Aim 2:

Develop a study design to evaluate impacts of wildfire smoke on maternal/child health. 


The goal of the team-building project is to build a team that will collect preliminary data with an eye towards a larger longitudinal study. The questions posed by this pilot would be: “What data and health endpoints are most useful? How can this study best address the needs of the community? How can the study address the needs of the researchers?” 


Meeting Notes

November 9, 2021

November 22, 2021

December 7, 2021

December 20, 2021

January 7, 2022