Arsenic Level

Water Use


10 ppb or less

SAFE for drinking, cooking and all other domestic uses

SAFE for animals

Test water once every 3 years

10 – 99 ppb

NOT SAFE for drinking, mixing into beverages, cooking or washing fruits and vegetables

NOT SAFE for animals to drink

SAFE for all other domestic uses, including bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry or irrigating gardens

Use bottled water or approved water filtration system for drinking, cooking and washing fruits and vegetables


Supervise children to ensure they do not swallow water while bathing, brushing teeth, etc.


Utilize other water sources or rain catchment for irrigating fruits and vegetables grown for human consumption


If you have a treatment system, test treated water at least once a year. Test untreated water (pre-treatment unit) at least every 3 years

100 – 499 ppb

Same restrictions as above

NOT SAFE for irrigating gardens – arsenic may build up in soil and accumulate in plants, to include vegetables

500 ppb and above

NOT SAFE for any domestic uses

Contact your local or state health department