The mission of the Community Engagement Core is to help Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) investigators apply their research assets in real-world contexts.

To fulfill our mission, we:

  1. Translate EHSC research results in environmental public health knowledge and disseminate that knowledge to targeted audiences
  2. Communicate audience issues, needs and concerns to EHSC investigators
  3. Advance the field of community engagement

Who we are




 A vital part of the Environmental Health Sciences Center is community engagement. Currently, the Center supports research and community engagement to help understand what people are exposed to in their homes, at their work places and in their communities and to discover what hazards these exposures may pose to their health. The Community Outreach and Engagement Core has developed resources on environmental health for communities, researchers and educators. Our Core disseminates these resources through outreach events, on-line social media and is involved in several community-based projects. Below is a short timeline of our history within the Center.