All fish are Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) for Pseudoloma neurophilia.

The SPF monitored AB and 5D Tropical lines were originally screened for Pseudoloma neurophilia using qRTPCR (Sanders, 2011). After entering the SPF facility all lines are routinely screened for Pseudoloma neurophilia and other pathogens of concern (Kent, 2011).

Since their introduction into the SARL facility, the lines have been maintained using a method that is in accordance with the ZIRC's protocol for AB and wild type next generation propagation. Each new generation is derived from the offspring of no less than 25 small group crosses, containing 3 males and up to 3 females each. Equal numbers of contributors are pulled from each cross to create the next generation. Embryos are screened daily until 5 dpf for morphological defect.

Sanders JL, Kent ML (2011) Development of a sensitive assay for the detection of Pseudoloma neurophilia in laboratory ¬populations of the zebrafish Danio rerio. Dis Aquat Org 96:145-156

Kent ML, Buchner C, Watral VG, Sanders JL, LaDu J, Peterson TS, Tanguay RL (2011) Development and maintenance of a specific pathogen-free (SPF) zebrafish research facility for Pseudoloma neurophilia. Dis Aquat Org 95:73-79

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