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ScienceOnline Watch Party 2013 Wrap Up

ScienceOnline Watch Party 2013

All ScienceOnline2013 Watch Party Sessions are now available to the public.

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There is now a OSU SciComm Group: View blog

Thank you to those who attended the Watch Party!

The ScienceOnline2013 Conference was the 7th annual international meeting on Science and the Web.  We were able to be part of it without traveling to North Carolina. We watched moderated discussions, and created our own conference at OSU. The sessions were interesting to:

  • Science writers and journalists;
  • Web communicators;
  • Outreach specialists; and
  • Scientists and students with an interest in outreach, blogging, and social media.

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See extensive resources on Web and Emerging Technology Resources for Scientists from the OSU Superfund Research Program.

Notes, Hashtags and Resources for all of the Watch Party Sessions

Helping Scientists 'Do' Outreach (part II)

Blogging for the Long Haul (Liveblogging from Pat Kight: Blogging for the long haul) (Scio13 Wrap-Up Notes)

Why Won’t the Science Deficit Model Die? (Google Docs notes)

Narrative: What is it? How Science Writers Use It? (Article: Thinking about the Nature of Narrative)

Using altmetrics to tell the full story of your research impact

Formal Science Education, Informal Science Education and Science Writing 

Persuading the Unpersuadable: Communicating Science to Deniers, Cynics, and Trolls (Kaci Buhl, Facilitator, Notes from Session)

We are who we are? Who are we? Issues of identity and the internet

Chemophobia & Chemistry in The Modern World (Kaci Buhl, Facilitator, Notes from Session)

Life in the Venn -- What Happens When You're Forced to Wear Many Hats? 

ScienceOnline Watch Party 2013

Some happy attendees

Initial Feedback:

  • "From what I saw on Thursday and Friday, the Watch Party was a smashing success"
  • "Thank so much for coordinating the Science Online seminars. I found them very valuable and am attacking my job with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Let’s do it again next year!"

Event was Sponsored by
Superfund Research Program, Terra Research Magazine, and the Environmental Health Sciences Center

Superfund Research Program Terra Research Magazine