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Did you know that you breathe more than 20,000 times per day? That's almost 3000 gallons of air! Most of these breaths take place indoors. While there are government agencies out that regulate the quality of outdoor air in public buildings, schools and at our workplace, we are responsible for the quality of the air in our homes.

Why is the topic of indoor air quality (IAQ) so important?

  • EPA ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.
  • Indoor air pollutants can cause and trigger asthma and allergies, among other health problems.
  • Studies show that simple changes at home result in dramatic health benefits including fewer emergency room visits for people with asthma.
Common hazards in our air that can have adverse affects on our health include:
  • tobacco smoke
  • mold
  • pollen
  • animal dander
  • dust mites
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • diesel particles
  • carbon monoxide
  • asbestos
  • lead
  • cockroach parts
  • radon

Healthy Air - Healthy Homes is a community workshop to help you identify and understand indoor air hazards to reduce exposure to them in your home.

The workshop takes about two hours and has three parts:

  1. Health issues related to poor indoor air quality - The latest research related to indoor air hazards and allergy and asthma
  2. Name that indoor air hazard! - A game to help you identify and learn more about the characteristics of indoor air hazards commonly found in homes
  3. Conducting a home walkthrough and creating an action plan to minimize exposure to indoor air hazards in your home

Each participant receives a toolkit with the game, home walkthrough checklist, and relevant resources to take home.

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What participants are saying about the workshop:

"It’s informative, well-paced, and provides lots of take-home materials to peruse/use"

"Highly recommend it – remedies to your own home problems are not as difficult as you may suppose"

"Informative, fun and necessary"

"A no-nonsense presentation of indoor air hazards"

This workshop is great for diverse adult audiences, especially those who are associated with children, older adults, and others who are susceptible to allergy and asthma from indoor air hazards. If you would like to request a workshop at your workplace, please contact Naomi Hirsch at 541-737-8105 or

Workshop Resources

Products Used in the Home 

Mold Specific Resources 

Northwest Resources

Videos On-line from Northwest Clean Air Agency in Spanish and English

  • Mold in Your Home: Causes, Prevention, and Clean-up
  • Attack Asthma at Home:  A Practical "Approach to Asthma "Trigger" Source Control and Prevention
  • The Virtual School Walkthrough: Identifying and Solving Common Indoor Air Quality Problems

National Resources

Related Resources for seniors

Indoor Air Quality in the News

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