EHSC Investigators are committed to training, and have a strong history of mentoring high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral trainees. Several opportunities exist for our educators as well, allowing them to spend time in a research lab, actively working on research or developing new modules for their own curriculum. Below are several up-coming and continuous opportunities. Please visit our Researcher Database to identify a researcher you would like to work with. 

For an example of how these programs can work, see this success story from the laboratory of Dr. Paige Lawrence, a post-doctoral student that worked for EHSC investigator Dr. Nancy Kerkvliet


Funding opportunity
Partners in Science
Deadline: December 1
Funding Agency: MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
Target Audience: 9-12 educators
Description: Provides funding for teachers to work with a university researcher, attend conferences and purchase materials. For more information please visit the Murdock Trust website, or view the pdf
Funding opportunity
Grants to Educators
Deadline: February 1, June 1, October 15
Funding Agency: The NEA Foundation
Target audience: K-12 educators in the public school system
Description: The NEA Foundation aims to help students achieve more. "Students who are better engaged are more likely to succeed, and students who succeed are more likely to go on to do great things. The way we see it, together with our partners, our funders, the educators, and the communities and students we serve, we’re investing in a brighter future." Visit their website to learn more about the Foundation and their resources.
Funding opportunity
Target: Field Trip Grants
Deadline: August 1 - September 30, annually
Funding Agency: Target Corporation
Target audience: K-12 schools
DescriptionAs part of the program, Target stores award Field Trip Grants to K-12 schools nationwide. Each grant is valued up to $700.
Visit their website to learn more about this funding opportunity!