In June 2012, eight local K-12 educators attended a full-day workshop hosted by TEAM Tox and STEPs. The second half of the workshop introduced the teachers to the various environmental health research programs being carried out in EHSC through lab tours and informal question and answer sessions with investigators and graduate students. Afterwards, the educators asked for a comprehensive database that included the names and research interests of EHSC members, so that they could identify guest lecturers for their classroom.

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Dan Coleman"My research centers around identifying genes that play a role in development of skin cancers resulting from solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In particular we are interested in melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Despite our often cloudy weather, Oregon has the 5th highest melanoma incidence rate in the U.S.Skin cancer
DNA regulation
ultraviolet radiation
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Andrew LarkinMy research focuses on developing new technologies to bridge the gap between toxicology research and risk assessment. Projects include air pollution forecast models, smartphone apps, and fuzzy neural networks for predicting biological responses to chemical co-exposures.Statistics
Air pollution
Smart Phone apps
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Erin MadeenThe Williams Lab focuses on the biological effects of exposure to dietary contaminants, and prevention of those effects with diets rich in whole vegetables or compounds extracted from vegetables. This line of research makes us look at humble broccoli in a much different way than just what's for dinner. Dietary exposure
drug metabolism
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Steven O’ConnellI work with passive sampling devices (PSD), which are "magnets" for chemical compounds of interest in the air and water. My research has included work in the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill. I also have a master's degree in marine science and remain fascinated with sea turtles.Environmental Chemistry
Air and Water Pollution
Marine Science
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Lane TidwellUsing PSDs I sample chemicals primarily in the air, working at the Portland Harbor Superfund site, and with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.Environmental Chemistry
Air and water pollution
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Database of EHSC Investigators
Research Topics
Investigators, graduate students and research assistants
performing environmental health research available to speak at
events or as guest lecturers.